Customize, Customize, Customize

Purchase Process for Wireless Gift Bag Membership:

  1. Press sign up and fill out the registration form
  2. After pressing submit, purchase via credit card or alternative payment form
  3. Select your Wireless Gift Bag which is either your organization or if individual, the currently available offering is the "H" Wireless Gift Bag for wealthy shoppers.

Annual Membership Fee For The Wireless Gift Bag: $50.00

(If you are an employee of a business or member of a professional association or charity, your membership fee may have already been paid for by your organization)

Wireless Gift Bags contain products and services relevant to particular groups and individuals including you.  The Wireless Gift Bag could be for a company, a professional association, a charity or indvicuals with similar lifestyes.  Once we identify the group, we survey the employees, members, donors, individuals etc. to find out what kind of products, services and experiences are relevant to their lifestyles.  Following the survey we find vendors that can deliver offers to our site which are aligned with the products, services and experiences of interest to those people.  This customized set of products and services is called a Wireless Gift Bag.  

We also customize the shopping experience based on individual profiles once you are on the site and in the "Mall" of your Wireless Gift Bag.  For this reason, everyone who comes on the site must complete the registration page and tell us a little bit about themselves before they can purchase their annual membership for their Wireless Gift Bag. 

The Wireless Gift Bag currently available for individuals is our "H" Wireless Gift Bag which is a customized set of products, services and expereinces for wealthy shoppers.