What Is A Wireless Gift Bag?

A Wireless Gift Bag is a targeted set of products and services with favorable pricing and unique offers customized for different users.


Who Can Buy Wireless Gift Bags?

Businesses, Charities, Professional Associations and Individuals.


Why Is It Important For Businesses to Recognize and Reward Employees Through NBW's Wireless Gift Bag Program?

New Breed w's Wireless Gift Bag program systematically and continuously recognizes and rewards employees which increases engagement.  Engaged employees are more productive and that improves the bottom line.


Can You Quantify The Benefit of Employee Engagement? 

We know that our program to recognize and reward employees increases engagement.  Towers Watson, one of the foremost experts in Employee Engagagement, answered this question for us.  In a broad analysis of 50 global companies, they found that companies with low engagement scores had an average operating margin just under 10 percent. Those with high traditional engagement had a slightly higher margin of 14 percent. Companies with the highest “sustainable engagement” scores had an average one-year operating margin of 27 percent.

Forty percent of employees with low engagement scores said they were likely to leave their employers over the next two years, compared to 24 percent of traditionally engaged employees, and just 18 percent of employees with the highest “sustainable engagement” scores.


What Is The Cost For Being A Part of New Breed w's Wireless Gift Bag Program?

$50.00 annual fee per employee for a Wireless Gift Bag program customized for your business,

$50.00 per subscriber for a  professional association or charities' customized Wireless Gift Bag.

$50.00 per individual for our "H" and "S" Wireless Gift Bag programs.


What Are Executives Saying About New Breed w?

When Brian told me about the New Breed w platform and the way it enables systematic recognition and reward of employees, it really struck a chord with me.  Currently I am CEO of gudpod Corp., in one of my previous positions I was an executive at Best Buy.  The insights New Breed w brings to the table took me about 10-15 years working at a senior management level to realize.  When I acted on that knowledge and implemented a mini recognition and reward program the job satisfaction scores of my 900 person division and sales levels were the highest of all time.  They had to survey us twice to make sure there wasn't a mistake.  New Breed w takes it a step further and I only wish we had their service when I was there so we could have spread this cultural change across the company in a systematic way!

Tasso Koken

CEO & Vice Chariman gudpod Corp.


“Brian thank you so much for the time you spent with Frank and I at Michael Jordan’s restaurant yesterday.

 You are truly a remarkable person. I dare say in the near future I'll be seeing you on the national news as the person responsible for increasing American productivity by 20%.

I could have spent the entire day listening and learning from you.”

Frank Julian

CEO Venda Foods